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Time to tip the scales! by KurtisTheSnivy

This is really cool! The glint on the blade is done pretty well, as is the reflection of light off his eye; makes it look more authenti...

The story is well written, but I think it needs more in the beginning to actually give us a better picture of where Vanilla is. It has ...




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I was tagged by :iconverdurethesnivy:

1. You must specify your OC Details in the following questions
2. No tag backs
3. You can tag up to 5 people

:iconverdurethesnivy:'s questions

I'll use Smoke and Yuri, a Snivy and Lucario respectively, my two main OC's

1) What do you like to do for fun?

Smoke: I like to hang out in my rift in space, created specially for me by Palkia actually. Sometimes I'll be training with my trainer, sometimes I'll just be relaxing, but it's all fun for me.
Yuri: Things I do for fun? Well, I like to go for a walk in the forest, listening to the auras of the various Pokemon around me, then meditate on a stump. It's very relaxing.

2) What was your worst nightmare?

Smoke: *shudders* My worst nightmare was that I had killed everyone I loved...
Yuri: I have been afraid that abusive people will capture Pokemon and just use them... like I once was.

3) How would you describe yourself?

Smoke: Umm... I'm nice enough, I guess. I'm friendly, caring, and very loyal to those whom I love.
Yuri: *closes his eyes* I would describe myself as deep and thoughtful.

4) What is your favorite food?
Smoke: COOKIES!!!
Yuri: *shakes his head, smiling* I like Italian food, like pasta.

And there you have it folks! I shall tag :icondustandfidgetforever:, :iconasfcruppy: and :iconlaticercx: with the questions as follows:

1) Who is your favourite Star Wars character?

2) Who is your favourite actor?

3) If you could have an invulnerability to one thing, what would it be?

4) A scenario: You are in line at some fast food outlet. There is a person in front of you, with a cop in front of him. You see guy in front of you pull something out of his back pocket, and quickly you realise its a gun, and that he's going to shoot the police officer. What do you do?

5) On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like me, with 1 being "I hate you so much go to hell", and 10 being "You are the most awesomest person!"
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Hey there! How's it going buddy? :D
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Hewo! I'm alright, thanks. Whatcha been up to?
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Having a great time on DA. :D
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Yis, that is a good thing to be doing. :D
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It's Batman!!!
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:facepalm: No, I haven't yet. Thank you for reminding me. :D
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Merry Christmas! :D Tight Hug 
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Merry Christmas, Vurdure! Sorry I didn't get to you first. :D
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